Right time?⌛️🔓

‘Do you believe that things will happen when the timing is right or that you have to take action to make things happen?’

Hello world!

Im sorry I’ve been away for a while, the truth is that I’ve been very busy. However you don’t think that I have forgotten you. And even more, I confess that I am loaded with new ideas and I have prepared some interesting posts that I will be publishing little by little.

This time I have written about what right time’ means or could mean for many of us. Surely many of you have heard, read and/or probably argued about it, as time is such a deep and controversial issue, very debated now at days. Then comes the subject in question-  ‘Do you believe that things will happen when the timing is right or do you believe that you have to take action to make things happen?

Things will happen when time is right
Right time?

If you believe in a little bit of both, then in which situations would it apply to? The thing is that you never know when or from where the opportunity will come, but if you aren’t ready for  it, you won’t be able to take advantage. Then we might dare to believe that the key is to always be ready to seize an opportunity. The other key is awareness, because if you are working really hard with your head down, you won’t even be aware that an opportunity exists. That is why we aalways have to remain vigilant and curious.


There are of course those who think that there is no reason to rush or prepared at all, ‘what is destined for one, so it will be. Usually it is the people who believe more in the destiny.

Personally I think ‘Good things happen when the time is right’ and the best time to take action is now. Inaction breeds doubt and fear, but if we take action we feel confidence and courage that we can get it. Yes, I have thought a lot about and even looked back on the past few months or years and thought, “omg, if only I really committed to doing that project. Things would be so much different right now”. Maybe there was some doubt and fear.. that’s why I understood that doubt and indecision only lead to inaction!

I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to know your views about this interesting topic.

See you until the next post! ❤️


Countdown to New Year 2017! 🎉🎊🍷✨✨🎊🎉

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. WRITE A GOOD ONE’

Hi my loves!!

I want to wish HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to all of you! 🎉🎊 tons of love, success, happiness and of course a very prosperous Year 2017!

It’s ‘Happy New Year’ time and everything seems so exciting!! 🎉 we at home have begun celebrating with good food and why not with good Champagne.


The day passed very fast and I -typical me- I went to buy a nice dress and some gold accessories to receive the 2017 in the best way! I went to @h&m store, and I found this lovely glittery gold dress and very nice accessories. So I m more than happy! 👯👯



I found excalty what I was looking for. These gorgeous golden rose earrings and Necklace. Perfect to have them today.



Have a lot of fun and see you NEXT YEAR!! ❤️🎉


💙Sneak peek of glittery and denim 💙

‘Attitudes are contagious. Make hours worth catching’

Hello guys!

This is a sneak peek of my next post which should be about the Christmas presents I got. ✨Glittery and denim outfits✨ Though we tend to reserve these sparkly embellishment for girls’ night out and holiday soirees, there is entirely different and inventive way to make them work for all hours of the day!

I hope you have a nice day! ❤️

‘A Christmas Good Continuation’ ⛄️❤️⛄️

I wish all of you a Christmas ‘Good Continuation🌲🎁🎅

I hope everyone had a very Merry christmas! Here in my city, Ängelholm, Sweden, we had most wonderful Christmas celebrations! and 24 December is the highlight of Christmas. As a rule, there Should be snow, the candles and lights should provide a nice contrast to the winter dark, the red wooden cottages it had been at their most attractive when embedded in snow. Unfortunaly this Christmas time, it is not snowing and I especially longed for it to snow. I really enjoy when it’s dark and snowing when lights illuminate wonderfully beautiful!

Anyway , we had a great time. There is not a perfect Christmas, but perhaps the ultimate Christmas challenge, so I tried my white Christmas three 😄image


I had this lovely candles from



On friday we went to our Christmas shopping in Helsinborg (Väla Center). I have always loved this mall when it’s Christmas time, because there is such a Christmas spirit everywhere, and guess what I found! the cutest thing ever! A lovely supersize white Teddy 😍😘


There were a lot of people but I was still happy and I was even happier when I found the Christmas presents for my family. As usual-I must admit it- I usually shop for my own Christmas gifts hehe and I already knew was somewhere would find my favorite gifts, and other fabulous stores else.

I’m already eager to have them on me..

I wish all of you a ‘God Fortsättning’!! (‘Good Continuation’). I hope you enjoy this post! Love you! ❤️


Good Continuation!? But what does it mean!? For weeks after Christmas, you will hear people greeting each other a belated holiday. In NYC they would simply wish ssomeone a Merry Christmas if someone haven’t seen them since. That doesn’t work here in Sweden though. In Sweden this is an special greeting after Christmas days. If you wish someone Merry Christmas on December 26th it would be considered strange, because… well, it’s not longer Christmas.




All of my MAC lippies! Part 1 “My red lipstick collection’

“A woman can never have too many lipsticks”

My love for lipsticks is increasing and I feel that even I can carry them off easily. I love MAC lipsticks a lot, they are definitely my favorite lipsticks!

Here are photos and swatches of my MAC collection I’ve accumulated in almost two years. My initial collection was mostly of pinks, but I got some gorgeous reds and plums too. A few MAC favs are ‘Instigator’ (matte-plum), ‘Cyber’ (satin-plum), ‘Heroine’ (matte-lila) and ‘Russian red’ (matte-red)

My MAC red favorite is definitely ‘Russian red’. I really love this gorgeous matte finish. Below you can appreciate the beautiful vibrant red and when I put lipglass on it. image


Most of us are so in love with the matte texture. I must say that the matte formula is so drying, but I can not beat the beautiful velvet finish that it gives me. To protect your lips from matte, use lips MAC premiers.image


Here is the swatches of my MAC red collection ❤️


Russian red (matte-red) 

I was in hunt for the perfect red for me. I even bought a few (don’t ask me how many..) but wasn’t satisfied with the results. Finally I got my hands on MAC ‘Russian red’ lipstick. And I can say that I really love the matte finish lipstick on me. Definitely this is the best matte red lipstick ever!

Tips: Use lip brush for longer staying power and pad your lips with powder. 10 points to this gorgeous red!

New Temptation (Sheen Supreme-red)

It’s a vivid blue red. The lipstick feels like a gel lipstick, it’s like a shiny creamy one, almost like gloss. Sheen supreme  creates the perfect hybrid, combining the color impact of a lipstick with the shine sheen of a lipglass. Non-sticky, glides so soft and easy to wear. It has a sheen or gloss. It’s very pigmented red and you need just a swipe. Long staying power but don’t expect color on your lips for more than three hours anyway, but it’s a luscious blue red for all red lovers!

La vie en Rouge (matte-red)

It’s like a’bright orange coral’ in matte finish, very vibrant with slight touch of pink in it. You get liveliness on the face on the first swipe. The texture is creamy, smooth and easy to apply. It have much pigmentation, intensily rich and gives more opaque color coverage. It stays more than seven hours, but it could be little drying after one hour of application. It could depend because of the weather too.

Pretty irresistible (MAC Enchanted Eve collection 2015)

MAC Enchanted Eve- red lips bag, which includes MAC lipstick in ‘Pretty irresistible’ , MAC lipglass in ‘A Favorite Flame’ and MAC lip pencil in ‘Beet’. A beautiful kit for creating perfectly flawless holidays lips! As you already know, MAC includes makeup bags with all their holiday offerings. ‘Pretty irresisitible’ lipstick is a matte raspberry red with a creamy texture that glides very soft and nicely on the lips. Don’t dry nor hydrating either. It can stay about four hours.

MAC ‘A Favorite Flame’ lipglass is a nice raspberry red with a hint of sparkle. It have a good pigmentation of about three hours with a little bit of sticky consistency. These look great paired together! the lipglass gives ‘Pretty irresistible’ a little lightness, shine and shinmer. They also work well when worn individually.


Ruby Woo (matte-red)

This is a matte finish. I really Love the texture. It’s very soft on the lips and not at all drying. The pigmentation is just awesome, just one swipe is enough. It feels like bright colors suite me well. I wore this and I stayed the whole Day in spite of eating and drinking. According to me, the best staying power and I am highly impressed! ‘Rugby Woo’ brighthens up my face, best matte red lipstick!

I hope you enjoyed this post and this helps some of you in deciding the colors you want for your collection.

COMING SOON: MAC Part 2 ‘My Plums collection’

Have a lovely day! 💋

How to style striped garments

Hi guys!

I hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been little busy with christmas arrangements at home (I will show you soon) and I’ve begun to work on my wardrobe to some great outfits posts!

This time I choiced the striped garment. I love them a lot! I’m sure that you’ve heard the old fashion rule about wearing stripes, which is that they’re not flattering unless you’re slim. Not true.Striped garments are the best, and when they styled correctly, will look amazing on anyone who wears them, size be damned…actually striped shirts is one of my favorite options.

Today I’m going to show you some striped styles and tips on how to wear striped clothing.


We all love a good, classic striped top. This is kinda nautical theme and Parisian chic vibes. Personaly I love this garment for its versatility, as you can wear it with anything you want.image


Long-sleeve is a ‘must have’ in our wardrobe. Make some fun with blue striped long-sleeve shirt and wide/flared trousers.image


I wore this lovely shirt with wide blue trousers. image


Black & White striped sleeves, versatile and easy to wear piece what can be incorporated with any outfit. I styled with a black leather jacket and skinny jeans.image











































Embrace Unplucked Brows

I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with beauty and eyebrow care since they are the frame of our face, I think that it is so important to be able to emphasize them without losing their natural form. Thank you for sharing! Remarkable blog!


PicsArt_1427202216378 Credit pic: Google

This morning, I was reading an interesting post from a sister (if you are reading this, this post goes out to you!) regarding brows issue. It caught my attention to share these quick and easy tricks of “Halal Eyebrows Look”.

So sweethearts, are you ready to throw your tweezers away?

Bigger and more natural eyebrows may also be part of a trend toward a more natural look. To understand this look is not just about a thick heavy eyebrows, but a brow that is neat and tidy and proportion to frame your face.

How are we going to achieve a natural eyebrows without tweezing the stray hairs on the brow bone? Try not to bleached the eyebrows. I have watched some bleaching eyebrow tutorials and personally, I don’t fancy it. Well, that would be defeating the purpose of keep a natural browsI can’t imagine myself without…

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Kenzox H&M

imageHello everyone!

How was your weekend out there? I hope you had a great day!

This time I will write about the well known Kenzo x H&M  collection which was announced on May 25 and launched worldwide in selected stores and online on November 3. The ladies collection was available in 272 stores and the menswear collection was available in 252 stores.

You’ve probably seen pictures and heard people talking about that great Kenzox H&M collection. The first thing you will notice when looking at the whole collection at once, are the prints. The collection itself is a giant fusion of archival great Kenzo pieces from the 70s and a little bit of the 80s, as well their own archives at the brand.

The connection between Kenzo’s past and present which was Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s vision- is evident throughout the collection. It merges prints and patterns from the 70s till today, and featured several replicas of iconics items from the label’s archives.

There’s a limited edition maxi-dress that was first seen in Kenzo’s A/W 1982 Russian collection, and tiger printed leggings and roll-necks in different colours that were key pieces in one of the 80s’ campaigns.

It was really exciting to have been waiting to get my hands on it! Due to the high level of interest in the collection, I was placed in a queue and waited for almost 1 hour online! Everything was sold out so quickly and my size wasn’t available out there, but finally I got my lovely red Kenzo handbag in prints and a pair of beautiful earrings. I must say that I’m really happy to own a part of this wonderful Kenzo x H&M collection!

I hope you enjoy my post!


Kenzo x H&M

¡Hola a todos!

¿Qué tal pasaron el fin de semana? ¡Espero que hayan pasado un excelente día!

Esta vez escribiré sobre la muy conocida coleccion de Kenzo x H&M, la cual fue anunciada el 25 de mayo y lanzada al mundo entero el 3 de noviembre, en tiendas selectas y tiendas online. La colección de damas estuvo disponible en 272 tiendas y la coleccion de caballeros estuvo disponible en 252 tiendas.

Probablemente has visto fotos, escuchado a la gente hablar sobre esta gran colección de Kenzo x H&M. Y lo primero que notarás apenas veas la colección completa, son los estampados de animal print. La colección en sí es una gigantesca fusión de grandiosas piezas de Kenzo, de los años 70 y un poco de los años 80, asi como de sus propios archivos de la marca misma.

La conexión entre el pasado y el presente de Kenzo, que fue la visión de Carol Lim y Humberto Leon, es evidente a través de toda la colección. Combinó estampados y modelos de los 70 hasta la actualidad, y presentó varias réplicas de artículos iconos de los archivos de la etiqueta.

Hay un vestido maxi de edición limitada, que fue visto por primera vez en la colección rusa de otoño/invierno de 1982, de Kenzo. Y pantalonetas con estampados de animal print y polainas en diferentes colores, que fueron piezas clave en una de las campañas de los 80.

¡Ha sido realmente emocionante el haber esperado tanto para al fin tenerlo en mis manos! Debido al alto nivel de interés en la colección, me pusieron en una cola online, ¡esperando por casi una hora! Todo fue vendido rápidamente y lo que apenas lograba llevar al carrito online, no eran mis tallas. Pero finalmente conseguí mi adorable cartera roja estampada en animal print y unos preciosos aretes. Les cuento que estoy realmente contenta de poseer parte de esta increible colección de Kenzo x H&M!

¡Espero que les haya gustado mi post!  besotes y les deseo una linda semana.


Why I started a blog

Hello guys!

In my life, I’ve picked up and dropped a lot of vocations and hobbies. I’ve been quite engaged with drawing and painting. Most fashion drawing and oil paintings. I’ve experimented with garden, home decoration and such. But none of them has molded my person or given me as much freedom and satisfaccion as blogging.

Actually, starting a blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. As I wrote in the presentation of my blog, I love interacting and having contact with people, getting inspired as well as inspiring them. But above all, I must confess that fashion is more than a passion for me. Fashion is like a direct connection with life to me and that is precisely the feeling I want to reflect in every post I do. At the same time, I want to inspire others who are linked to the fascinating world of fashion!

I think it’s wonderful and interesting to be able to share and interact with other bloggers’content. I hope that all of you enjoy my blog!



¿Porqué hice un blog?

Haciendo un rápido repaso de mi vida, he tenido muchas vocaciones y hobbys, las que deje de lado. Particularmente he estado muy comprometida al dibujo y la pintura. En su mayoría, dibujos y bosquejos sobre moda y vestimentas, pintura al óleo, etc. Así mismo, he experimentado con el arte de la jardinería y la decoración de interiores de hogar. Pero ninguno de ellos moldeó mi persona ni me dio tal libertad y satisfacción como el poder expresarme, como lo puedo realizar en este blog.

En realidad, el haber iniciado este blog es algo que hace tiempo he querido hacer. Y tal como escribí en la presentación de mi blog, soy una apasionada del tener contacto e interactuar con la gente, inspirarme de ellos, así como poder inspirar a ellos tambien. Pero sobretodo, debo confesar que la moda es una de mis más grandes pasiones en la vida. La moda para mi, es como un nexo rápido y directo con la vida misma. Y eso es precisamente el sentimiento que deseo reflejar en cada publicación que hago,  a la vez que poder inspirar a otros quienes están fuertemente influenciados y conectados en este fascinante mundo de la moda!

Pienso que es maravilloso e interesante el poder compartir e intercambiar intereses comunes sobre el contenido de otras blogueras. Espero que todos ustedes disfruten mucho mi blog!