Welcome to my blog!

Trimpati is a fashion and lifestyle blog founded by Swedish Patricia Palmgren, fashion blogger and Instablogger with hugh passion for life! This blog is about global trends in fashion, beauty and lifestyles translated into a unique world of a scandinavian style; which elevates the scandinavian standards in its own way.

Since I was a child, I was pretty interested in fashion and styles. I sketched a lot and the drawing was my lifestyle, so I dreamed of  becoming a designer! I love having contact with people, getting inspired as well to inspire my style.

In my blog you will find a variety of fashion, beauty, trends, and home decorating/organizing; so there is a variety of ideas that you can pick it up.

I absolutely love the blogging community and my goal with this blog is to spread my passion for fashion and beauty but above all, my wish is that social media and blogging could serve to lift each other and enhance our lives in the best way!