Right time?⌛️🔓

‘Do you believe that things will happen when the timing is right or that you have to take action to make things happen?’

Hello world!

Im sorry I’ve been away for a while, the truth is that I’ve been very busy. However you don’t think that I have forgotten you. And even more, I confess that I am loaded with new ideas and I have prepared some interesting posts that I will be publishing little by little.

This time I have written about what right time’ means or could mean for many of us. Surely many of you have heard, read and/or probably argued about it, as time is such a deep and controversial issue, very debated now at days. Then comes the subject in question-  ‘Do you believe that things will happen when the timing is right or do you believe that you have to take action to make things happen?

Things will happen when time is right
Right time?

If you believe in a little bit of both, then in which situations would it apply to? The thing is that you never know when or from where the opportunity will come, but if you aren’t ready for  it, you won’t be able to take advantage. Then we might dare to believe that the key is to always be ready to seize an opportunity. The other key is awareness, because if you are working really hard with your head down, you won’t even be aware that an opportunity exists. That is why we aalways have to remain vigilant and curious.


There are of course those who think that there is no reason to rush or prepared at all, ‘what is destined for one, so it will be. Usually it is the people who believe more in the destiny.

Personally I think ‘Good things happen when the time is right’ and the best time to take action is now. Inaction breeds doubt and fear, but if we take action we feel confidence and courage that we can get it. Yes, I have thought a lot about and even looked back on the past few months or years and thought, “omg, if only I really committed to doing that project. Things would be so much different right now”. Maybe there was some doubt and fear.. that’s why I understood that doubt and indecision only lead to inaction!

I hope you enjoy this post and I would love to know your views about this interesting topic.

See you until the next post! ❤️




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