‘A Christmas Good Continuation’ ⛄️❤️⛄️

I wish all of you a Christmas ‘Good Continuation🌲🎁🎅

I hope everyone had a very Merry christmas! Here in my city, Ängelholm, Sweden, we had most wonderful Christmas celebrations! and 24 December is the highlight of Christmas. As a rule, there Should be snow, the candles and lights should provide a nice contrast to the winter dark, the red wooden cottages it had been at their most attractive when embedded in snow. Unfortunaly this Christmas time, it is not snowing and I especially longed for it to snow. I really enjoy when it’s dark and snowing when lights illuminate wonderfully beautiful!

Anyway , we had a great time. There is not a perfect Christmas, but perhaps the ultimate Christmas challenge, so I tried my white Christmas three 😄image


I had this lovely candles from @hemtex.se



On friday we went to our Christmas shopping in Helsinborg (Väla Center). I have always loved this mall when it’s Christmas time, because there is such a Christmas spirit everywhere, and guess what I found! the cutest thing ever! A lovely supersize white Teddy 😍😘


There were a lot of people but I was still happy and I was even happier when I found the Christmas presents for my family. As usual-I must admit it- I usually shop for my own Christmas gifts hehe and I already knew was somewhere would find my favorite gifts, @zara.com @scorett.se and other fabulous stores else.

I’m already eager to have them on me..

I wish all of you a ‘God Fortsättning’!! (‘Good Continuation’). I hope you enjoy this post! Love you! ❤️


Good Continuation!? But what does it mean!? For weeks after Christmas, you will hear people greeting each other a belated holiday. In NYC they would simply wish ssomeone a Merry Christmas if someone haven’t seen them since. That doesn’t work here in Sweden though. In Sweden this is an special greeting after Christmas days. If you wish someone Merry Christmas on December 26th it would be considered strange, because… well, it’s not longer Christmas.






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