All of my MAC lippies! Part 1 “My red lipstick collection’

“A woman can never have too many lipsticks”

My love for lipsticks is increasing and I feel that even I can carry them off easily. I love MAC lipsticks a lot, they are definitely my favorite lipsticks!

Here are photos and swatches of my MAC collection I’ve accumulated in almost two years. My initial collection was mostly of pinks, but I got some gorgeous reds and plums too. A few MAC favs are ‘Instigator’ (matte-plum), ‘Cyber’ (satin-plum), ‘Heroine’ (matte-lila) and ‘Russian red’ (matte-red)

My MAC red favorite is definitely ‘Russian red’. I really love this gorgeous matte finish. Below you can appreciate the beautiful vibrant red and when I put lipglass on it. image


Most of us are so in love with the matte texture. I must say that the matte formula is so drying, but I can not beat the beautiful velvet finish that it gives me. To protect your lips from matte, use lips MAC premiers.image


Here is the swatches of my MAC red collection ❤️


Russian red (matte-red) 

I was in hunt for the perfect red for me. I even bought a few (don’t ask me how many..) but wasn’t satisfied with the results. Finally I got my hands on MAC ‘Russian red’ lipstick. And I can say that I really love the matte finish lipstick on me. Definitely this is the best matte red lipstick ever!

Tips: Use lip brush for longer staying power and pad your lips with powder. 10 points to this gorgeous red!

New Temptation (Sheen Supreme-red)

It’s a vivid blue red. The lipstick feels like a gel lipstick, it’s like a shiny creamy one, almost like gloss. Sheen supreme  creates the perfect hybrid, combining the color impact of a lipstick with the shine sheen of a lipglass. Non-sticky, glides so soft and easy to wear. It has a sheen or gloss. It’s very pigmented red and you need just a swipe. Long staying power but don’t expect color on your lips for more than three hours anyway, but it’s a luscious blue red for all red lovers!

La vie en Rouge (matte-red)

It’s like a’bright orange coral’ in matte finish, very vibrant with slight touch of pink in it. You get liveliness on the face on the first swipe. The texture is creamy, smooth and easy to apply. It have much pigmentation, intensily rich and gives more opaque color coverage. It stays more than seven hours, but it could be little drying after one hour of application. It could depend because of the weather too.

Pretty irresistible (MAC Enchanted Eve collection 2015)

MAC Enchanted Eve- red lips bag, which includes MAC lipstick in ‘Pretty irresistible’ , MAC lipglass in ‘A Favorite Flame’ and MAC lip pencil in ‘Beet’. A beautiful kit for creating perfectly flawless holidays lips! As you already know, MAC includes makeup bags with all their holiday offerings. ‘Pretty irresisitible’ lipstick is a matte raspberry red with a creamy texture that glides very soft and nicely on the lips. Don’t dry nor hydrating either. It can stay about four hours.

MAC ‘A Favorite Flame’ lipglass is a nice raspberry red with a hint of sparkle. It have a good pigmentation of about three hours with a little bit of sticky consistency. These look great paired together! the lipglass gives ‘Pretty irresistible’ a little lightness, shine and shinmer. They also work well when worn individually.


Ruby Woo (matte-red)

This is a matte finish. I really Love the texture. It’s very soft on the lips and not at all drying. The pigmentation is just awesome, just one swipe is enough. It feels like bright colors suite me well. I wore this and I stayed the whole Day in spite of eating and drinking. According to me, the best staying power and I am highly impressed! ‘Rugby Woo’ brighthens up my face, best matte red lipstick!

I hope you enjoyed this post and this helps some of you in deciding the colors you want for your collection.

COMING SOON: MAC Part 2 ‘My Plums collection’

Have a lovely day! 💋


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