Embrace Unplucked Brows

I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with beauty and eyebrow care since they are the frame of our face, I think that it is so important to be able to emphasize them without losing their natural form. Thank you @chubbychupz.com for sharing! Remarkable blog!


PicsArt_1427202216378 Credit pic: Google

This morning, I was reading an interesting post from a sister (if you are reading this, this post goes out to you!) regarding brows issue. It caught my attention to share these quick and easy tricks of “Halal Eyebrows Look”.

So sweethearts, are you ready to throw your tweezers away?

Bigger and more natural eyebrows may also be part of a trend toward a more natural look. To understand this look is not just about a thick heavy eyebrows, but a brow that is neat and tidy and proportion to frame your face.

How are we going to achieve a natural eyebrows without tweezing the stray hairs on the brow bone? Try not to bleached the eyebrows. I have watched some bleaching eyebrow tutorials and personally, I don’t fancy it. Well, that would be defeating the purpose of keep a natural browsI can’t imagine myself without…

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